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It’s 2014 and women around the world are still being abused, objectified and silenced. Yet, women are half of the world’s potential and every single one has the right to a life free from discrimination. Your voice is powerful—raise it to tell the world why equality for every woman and girl is worth fighting for. See who’s already speaking up on our YouTube channel.

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End gender inequality

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Do your part by learning more, speaking up and donate to UN WOMEN. We support programs that promote women’s human rights, their economic and political empowerment and gender equality.

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Support the cause March 8th for International Women’s Day.


Globally, women earn up to 30 percent less than men for the same work.
How are men responsible for this imbalance? What can we, as men, do to change it?
Educating women is one of the most effective ways to reduce world poverty, yet women still make up 64% of the world’s illiterate.
What would you say to a man who thinks educating girls is a waste of time?
Every day, almost 800 women die from preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
How would it make you feel if a woman you loved was dying in childbirth and no one would help her?
One in three women are subjected to violence in their lifetime.
What can we as men do to end this violence against women and girls?
Do you know a woman who is good at resolving conflict?
How would it affect world affairs if more women were involved in decision making on the global level?
Globally, only 1 in 5 lawmakers is a woman.
Do you think policymaking would improve if it were formed in a more balanced way?
Do you think men have a responsibility in ending gender inequality?
Where does that start for you?

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