University IMPACT Champion

Andrew Hamilton

Addressing gender equality and ensuring that Oxford is a safe and inclusive space for all our students have been among my main priorities. We will now consider under the HeForShe Campaign how we can achieve greater equality for women across all areas of our work.

Impact Commitments

Achieve one-third representation of women across all university senior leadership roles by 2020.

Evidence suggests that 30% is a critical tipping point with respect to the representation of women. With this in mind, Oxford approved a suite of gender equality targets in 2014, including 30% representation of women in professorial roles, a bold increase from the 19% today. As part of their commitment to HeForShe, Oxford will extend the 30% aspiration across university leaders, to reach this threshold in all leadership and governance roles by 2020, including the senior management team and university decision-making bodies. To achieve these bold goals, Oxford will strengthen support and leadership training for women, undertake a thorough policy review to ensure all procedures are free from bias, and train all selection committee members on unconscious bias. Oxford will also engage students to drive towards parity, working closely with the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) to improve the share of women in student leadership roles by expanding the OUSU Women’s Leadership Development programmes, and supporting the pilot Women’s Mentoring Scheme.

Engage the whole community—from app developers to sports teams—to holistically address campus violence and enforce zero tolerance.

Oxford will work closely with a range of groups to develop a comprehensive response that aims to provide education, prevent violence, and enhance support for victims. In partnership with OUSU, Oxford will expand Sexual Consent Workshops to reach all students, making them a compulsory part of undergraduate orientation, and available to all graduate students. Working with OUSU and the organization, ‘Code4Rights’ Oxford will create a First Response mobile phone app. Additionally, the University will work closely with the Student Union and student leaders to challenge harassment in sport through an original zero-tolerance accreditation scheme. These new initiatives will build upon existing innovative programs, including the ‘Good Lad’ workshops, which have reached nearly 700 men in Oxford sports teams and societies. The ‘Good Lad’ campaign promotes ‘positive masculinity’, through scenario-focused workshops that address issues including: consent, peer pressure, banter, social capital, power and responsibility.

Accelerate progress towards gender equality beyond Oxford.

Oxford’s commitment to gender equality goes beyond the University and beyond the UK. Oxford is an active member of a number of key academic groups, including: the Russell Group, a consortium of 24 leading research-intensive universities in the UK; the League of European Research Universities (LERU); and the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). Oxford will leverage these fora to build on current work and engage other research-institutions and their Presidents in the need to engage men more fully with gender initiatives. Beginning with the June 28 IARU conference, Oxford will ensure HeForShe appears on the agenda of these high level groups, and use the groups as a platform to increase awareness of these issues, discuss key challenges, and disseminate best practices and strategies as developed by Oxford and the other HeForShe champions.

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