By some estimates, gender equality in the workplace won’t be achieved until 2095.* That’s not good enough. HeForShe is taking action now for equal opportunity and fair pay.

* World Economic Forum, The Global Gender Report 2014

Be the Change

Discussing inequality at work can be difficult, but doing something about it can feel even harder. Here are some tips to help you root out gender bias on the job.

Don't Laugh

Some jokes just aren’t funny. Confront biased speech by refusing to respond, pointedly turning away, or reminding the speaker that offensive language creates a toxic environment for everyone.

Pitch In

Not all men want to do physical work. Not all women want to take notes. Rotate responsibilities for common tasks and make sure everyone has a chance to pitch in.

Open the Door

When hiring, insist on seeing diverse candidates for every position. Then be aware of how names and other identifying information can produce a subtle bias in hiring decisions.

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Discover how HeForShe advocates are making a difference in workplaces around the world.

Corporate Impact Champion

Unilever has delivered or supported skills training for 168,000 female smallholder farmers in its supply chain. Read more

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Map the Issue

See where HeForShe advocates have identified workplace equality as a top priority.

Priority Countries

  1. 1 Congo, Democratic Republic of the
  2. 2 Cameroon
  3. 3 Rwanda
  4. 4 Mexico
  5. 5 United States of America

The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.

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