HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Jean Pascal Tricoire

Schneider Electric

IMPACT Commitments

Increase the representation of women across the pipeline—to 40% at entry, and 30% in the top positions.

Schneider Electric is committed to increasing the representation of women across the company; today, women represent 29% of new managers and technicians, and 22% of top positions—Executive Committee, Senior Vice President, and Vice President roles.1 Schneider Electric commits to increase representation of women: at intake to 40%, on the management committee to 33%, and in top positions to 30%, all by 2017. To meet these bold goals, Schneider will double the number of leaders attending an intensive Gender Workshop, dramatically scale their women’s leadership programming, and implement a short-term incentive plan that integrates gender into the personal performance incentives and evaluation of nearly 500 leaders across Schneider.

Reach 85% of our global workforce with a worldwide pay equity process by the end of 2017.

Today, a salary equity process covers 20,000 employees in Schneider’s France office. The Human Resources department annually compares the salaries of men and women in equal positions and where gaps are found, conducts a thorough analysis to understand and rectify the issue. A dedicated budget is allocated to close any validated gaps. By 2017, Schneider will extend this process around the world, reaching 85% of their total work force with a salary equity process that will put men and women on equal footing.

Establish dedicated executive-level groups to drive towards gender parity across Schneider.

Schneider Electric will establish two groups within the company to lead the way on gender equality. Schneider will build an IMPACT Champions community within the company, inviting the 16 Schneider countries who have signed the WEPs to roll out HeForShe campaigns within their countries, and share their commitments and best practices across the Group as a whole.2 The ‘Schneider Diversity and Inclusion Board’ will be sponsored directly by the Executive Committee and include ten leaders across Schneider’s three core regions. This group will serve as a think tank on new initiatives to drive towards parity and a gender-sensitive culture, and will work directly with high-level leaders across Schneider, using their personal commitment to deploy changes across the Group.

1. Technician roles are professional, ‘white collar’ roles 2. US, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Norway, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Russia, India, China, Korea, Vietnam have already signed the WEPs.