HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Jes Staley


IMPACT Commitments

Reach 2.5 M women around the world with financial inclusion programmes.

Barclays is committed to empowering the next generation of leaders in communities around the world, providing access to enterprise, employability and financial skills. Through HeForShe, Barclays commits to a bold new global target: reaching 2.5M women around the world with targeted financial inclusion programming. Barclays’ programs will touch women in every age and socioeconomic group, from teenagers in the UK who need information on budgeting to rural cassava farmers in Africa who need access to a bank account. The programmes aim to expand access to credit and banking; teach basic financial literacy skills; and remove barriers to business ownership for women.

Increase the representation of women in senior leadership, a percentage point a year.

Barclays strives for parity—51% of its employees are women today. Across regions, roles, and levels, though, this varies: women hold 18% of Executive Committee seats, and 21% of Board seats. To close the gap at senior levels, Barclays launched a comprehensive analysis of the global talent pipeline, identifying key challenges. Based on this information, Barclays has rolled out a series of targeted interventions to annually increase the representation of women in senior leadership (to 26% by 2018) and aspires to exceed a 33% target for the representation of women on boards, by 2020.

Embed gender equality in the culture, processes and policies of Barclays.

Barclays recognises that the banking industry as a whole remains male-dominated. Barclays will launch a series of reforms to the way it works to support and enhance gender equality throughout the organization. Barclays has rolled out a suite of innovative tools, including: mandatory unconscious bias training for all Directors & MDs in 2013-2015, embedded in its global curriculum for all managers in 2015; the requirement that all candidate shortlists for Director and MD positions have a minimum of 25%-33% diversity on the list; and the requirement that all candidate review panels for these roles include senior women. These changes will build the gender-sensitive work environment needed today to achieve Barclays’ aspirations on gender equality in the future.