HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Sébastien Bazin

Chairman & CEO

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IMPACT Commitments

Drive towards parity in pay and representation of women.

Accor is making a truly revolutionary contribution to gender equality, committing to decrease the pay gap for France headquarters, France operations, Spain and Brazil by 2017. This bold pledge is matched by commitments to support female leaders: Accor aims to double the share of women in country COO positions by 2017 and get to 30% of women on the executive committee by 2018. To achieve this transformation, Accor will expand mentoring and training opportunities for high-potential women and implement a comprehensive suite of policies to change the way Accor recruits, retains, and promotes women. Throughout this change process, Accor will report on progress around the world.

Create 50,000 HeForShe male champions across Accor.

Accor is already a leader in the field of male engagement; their gender diversity network (WAAG) was since its creation open to both women and men. Today, men represent 54% of Accor employees, 72.6% of Hotel General Managers, and 18% of WAAG members. Accor is committed to going further; Accor will launch a groundbreaking workshop series to better understand the drivers of male engagement, and male needs in the workplace. Based on this research, Accor will develop tools to engage men across the world as HeForShe gender equality advocates. Over the next three years, 50,000 of Accor male employees will commit as HeForShe champions.

Lead cutting-edge research on the changing workplace, using findings to drive towards equality.

Millennials are entering the workforce in great numbers, women are taking up leadership positions, and increasingly, dual-earner families are the norm. Accor is deeply vested in this topic; close to 60% of employees are under 35, and 46% of employees are women. Accor will assume innovative research in this area to close the knowledge gap, tailor its own offerings, and implement targeted programs with the aim of retaining women, and eventually reaching parity at senior levels. Accor will conduct two groundbreaking surveys to understand the changing workforce, focused on the unique needs of female customers, and on understanding gender stereotypes and unconscious biases across generations."