HeForShe THEMATIC Champion

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister

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THEMATIC Commitments

Together with Canada's Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women, engage young Canadians on the role that young men and boys can play in ending gender inequality across the country by: a) challenging this generation to be the last to face gender inequality and b) by more than doubling the number of HeforShe commitments in Canada.

We need women and girls to succeed because that's how we build stronger communities. It's how we grow a stronger economy. Encouraging the full participation of women and girls in public life and in the business world leads to better decision making. And these things - social cohesion, economic growth, smart policy - they don't just help half the population. As a society, we all benefit when women and girls have more opportunities to step up and lead.

Men have a critical role to play in demanding and supporting this societal shift. We need to speak out in support of gender equality, and we need to get comfortable identifying ourselves as feminists. Because at the end of the day, we are all accountable, women and men. We are all responsible for making sure that the change we want to see around the boardroom table is a topic of discussion around the dinner table. Our daughters and sons deserve nothing less."