HeForShe THEMATIC Champion

Christopher M. Crane

President & CEO
Exelon Corporation

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THEMATIC Commitments

We want to foster an environment where the best and the brightest, as well as future generations – both girls and boys - feel empowered to pursue careers with limitless opportunity.

As a company, we have always believed Exelon should reflect the diverse communities we serve. It not only makes us a better company; it makes us a better community partner. We know first-hand that an inclusive culture drives greater innovation, market competitiveness and opportunities for growth. Yet, women are still underrepresented at nearly every level of America’s workforce. This challenge is particularly acute in STEM fields. At Exelon we are no exception, and we are committed to breaking through the barriers that cause women to opt out of the professional workforce.

 In fact, by 2020, Exelon will reduce the voluntary exit of women in the organization – at all levels – to achieve gender parity in this metric. We believe it’s time for all American employers to do the same and we look forward to being on the forefront of driving this change. Because our retention rates are significantly higher for men than they are for women, it is more than just making a commitment or becoming a HeForShe champion; improving retention will take hard work. It will require formal, tracked goals and strategies that target changes to our culture. But this is not new to us. At Exelon, we’re always creating new initiatives and enhancing existing practices to strengthen our culture of diversity and inclusion.