HeForShe Academic Champion

Wayne A. I. Frederick

Howard University

Sustain and enhance opportunities for women’s leadership by 2026.

A series of leadership development programs will be launched with the goal of assisting female faculty and staff in the quest to attain executive level positions in higher education. The leadership program will be grounded in leadership best practices and strategies on navigating organizational challenges that Black women in academia face. Howard University is making a commitment to enhance a positive campus climate for women who seek to embark on executive leadership career paths in higher education, by sustaining the progress made, while increasing leadership opportunities for women who aspire to leadership positions by 2026.

Promote dialogue and programming around women, gender, and masculinities.

The HeForShe committee at Howard will encourage the creation of courses centered on women and gender in all departments. To ensure that students are gender conscious, a required general education course will be pursued for all undergraduate students. Planned activities include, introducing an undergraduate interdisciplinary Minor in Women, Gender and Sexualities Studies, developing community engagement programs with students in fraternities and sororities to have discussions on masculinities and gender issues, and develop programming and community engagement activities with the LGBTQI community on campus to promote gender awareness and inclusion.

Mobilize Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the US and the African Diaspora

Howard University will engage in the following actionable programs:

  1. Host an annual conference with other HBCUs to discuss how gender equality can be achieved in all HBCUs. These conferences will be an opportunity for universities to evaluate the programs they put in place to enhance the HeForShe campaign.
  2. Build community engagement partnerships and programs with other HBCUs in the African Diaspora (South Africa, Latin America and across Africa) to promote discourse, research, and practical action towards decolonizing Black Masculinities.
  3. The Center for Women, Gender and Global Leadership will take the lead in networking with other HBCUs with the intent to publish a series of manuscripts to appear in top-tier journals that hold the mission to cover issues that concern gender equity and gender inclusion.