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Klaus Werner Iohannis


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IMPACT Commitments

Launch a new integrated system to track, report, and prevent all forms of violence.

Domestic violence remains an issue in Romania—recent studies estimate a lifetime incidence of 20% —and the current system is ill-equipped to respond: underreporting is rife and information is often hard to access.1 To address these challenges, Romania will implement a national integrated information management and reporting system for cases of violence, committing to register at least 50% of victims in this system by 2020. The system will: ensure information flow to all relevant institutions; provide analysis, reports, comparative statistics, integrated measures and services for the protection of victims; and gather data to inform public policy going forward.2 The system will also enable the government to perform a series of sophisticated analyses including mapping the behavioral profile of the perpetrator and the endemic risk areas. Based on these findings, Romania will create emergency shelters for victims of domestic violence in all regions of the country, in the highest prevalence areas and tailored to the specific local profile.

Create a new profession—the gender equality expert—across Romania.

To lead the way to equality, Romania has taken the innovative step of creating two new professions: the Expert in Gender Equality and the Gender Equality Technician, who will support the implementation of local and national strategies to achieve gender equality and combat domestic violence.3 This year, Romania will finalize the professional standards for these roles including defining the evaluation standard, and will implement training curricula. By 2020, 70% of Romania’s 1,680 national and local public institutions will have Experts or Technicians in gender equality. To reach this ambitious goals, Romania will organize training courses for experts and technicians in gender equality around the country and share lessons learned, to scale best practices and accelerate progress.

Develop and implement programs to engage girls and boys in political, social and economic life; mobilize 100,000 youth.

To create the next generation of leaders, Romania commits to engage at least 100,000 girls and boys by 2019, highlighting the benefits of participation in political, social and economic life. To ensure that all youth benefit equally from this effort, Romania will launch two innovative new programs that target young girls and boys. The new “Open Door Day” will invite girls and boys to visit and understand key Romanian public institutions including the Presidential Administration, the Parliament, the Office of the Prime Minister, as well as Ministries and local authorities. Each year, the participants will be selected based on a nationwide essay contest on the theme of gender equality. In addition, career discussions will be organized around the country to engage students with women role models across sectors. These programs will promote successful female role models and publicly highlight gender equality, accelerating progress towards equality by creating a new gender-sensitive generation.

1. 2003 Gallup poll for Bucharest: 21%, CURS national poll:18,4% 2. Including domestic violence, gender violence, violence against children, trafficking in human beings and violation of the principle of gender equality. 3. The difference between the two occupations is the educational level (university graduate and college graduate).