HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Vahan Agopyan

University of São Paulo, Brazil

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IMPACT Commitments

Establish and implement a zero-tolerance to violence policy to address and prevent violence against women on the USP campus.

USP will develop a holistic strategy to address violence against women, with programs and interventions that begin on students’ first day on campus and run until their graduation. The university will institute a zero tolerance to violence policy, bolster its support to victims and implement a suite of interventions to address the attitudes and culture that enable assault and rape to happen on campus. The full program will be announced in the first semester of 2016. USP will also collaborate with other academic institutions, calling on others to end campus-gender based violence. USP has already invited the University of Buenos Aires and Autonomous University of Mexico (together representing 850,000 students) to take part in a joint campaign addressing violence against women on university campuses: the universities will implement a common orientation curriculum for first year students that aims to replace risky traditions with new, positive norms. In the second semester of 2016, USP will host a conference for the ten IMPACT champions, providing an opportunity to share best practices, discuss innovative solutions, and report-out on preliminary progress on addressing violence against women.

Establish an Interdisciplinary Research Program to promote safe cities for women.

USP will support and strengthen an Interdisciplinary Research Program to explore all aspects of gender diversity and its role in urban development. This program will be carried out in already established graduate programs and as part of a new Research Program of the Institute of Advanced Studies, aimed at identifying barriers to make cities safe for women and girls, and based on these findings will develop solutions to ensure that women have equitable access to public services and safety. Given the global trend of urbanization, USP will disseminate the findings of this research to influence public policy and decision making not only in the city of São Paulo, but also for cities across the region and around the world.

Launch a program to use sports as a tool to end violence against women.

Sports is the common language that transcends class and culture, both within and beyond Brazil. USP will launch an innovative program that will engage men and empower women through sport. In 2016, USP will launch this program on campus, using soccer as a tool to address violence against women at USP and, through outreach programs, across Brazil.