HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Bob Moritz

Global Chairman
PWC International Limited

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IMPACT Commitments

Develop & launch innovative male-focused gender curriculum to reach millions of men around the world.

Today, the PwC network reaches hundreds of thousands of students, at thousands of universities across the world with award-winning educational programmes.1 Lending their educational expertise and footprint to HeForShe, PwC will develop an innovative new curriculum to educate and empower men as gender equality advocates. This signature workshop series, developed in partnership with world-class experts, will address the root causes of gender inequality, tackling` power dynamics and unconscious biases. PwC will also develop a suite of education tools for its employees, to drive awareness and to define why gender parity matters, and what we can all do to achieve it.

Launch a Global Inclusion Index to further increase the representation of women in leadership roles.

The PwC network has achieved parity at intake, with women representing about 50% of graduate hires. The goal over the coming years will be to dramatically increase the representation of women in senior leadership. For the first time, PwC will complete a comprehensive global evaluation of the rates of women across all levels of the PwC network, with a specific focus on women in leadership. Based on the insights from this evaluation, each PwC firm will be able to develop tailored interventions to address any potential barriers.

Raise the global profile of HeForShe with PwC people, clients, and communities, driving towards the 1B target.

PwC will lend their full network-wide footprint to HeForShe, driving awareness and action within and beyond PwC. Employees will be encouraged to commit online, and take specific actions towards gender equality. Cascading the HeForShe campaign across the network, PwC will seek commitments from: 100% of the network leadership teams by September 2015 and 80% of all male employees - 80,000 men, by 2018.

1. PwC refers to the PwC network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity. Please see www.pwc.com/structure for further details."