HeForShe IMPACT Champion

Kevin Sneader

Global Managing Partner
McKinsey & Company

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IMPACT Commitments

Launch a global effort to accelerate progress towards gender parity across all roles.

McKinsey has launched ‘All In’, a ‘HeForShe’ approach to gender equality that will engage male and female colleagues around the world to address the implicit biases, policies, and processes that hold us all back. To spearhead this initiative, McKinsey has built an internal, gender-balanced, team of senior partners, and is working with leading external experts on gender equality. ‘All In’ will work across McKinsey’s 100+ offices globally to implement practices including sponsorship programs, upgraded flexible work arrangements and unconscious bias training. McKinsey will also scale best practices from leading offices, including innovative programming to engage men in support of ‘All In’. Internally, the firm will use scorecards to hold offices accountable to ambitious goals.

Reach parity at undergraduate intake by 2020 across North America.

Women hold almost 60% of undergraduate degrees in the United States, but remain under-represented across the consulting industry. At McKinsey, women comprise almost 30% of consultant new hires today. To pave the way to parity across roles and regions, McKinsey is starting with an aspiration of achieving 50% representation of women at undergraduate intake across 27 North American offices by 2020.1 Almost 40% of McKinsey’s entry-level consultants are located in North America today; by starting here, the firm will build its pipeline of future female leaders and set the standard for its global recruiting strategy.

Lead cutting-edge research on the changing workplace, using findings to drive towards equality.

McKinsey’s flagship ‘Women Matter’ series of research reports established the business case for gender diversity; the 2010 report found that a majority of women and men now recognize the link between gender diversity and financial performance. While employees see the case for change, companies have been slow to respond; the same study found that gender diversity was a top-ten strategic priority for only 28% of companies; for a third of companies, it was not on the strategic agenda at all. McKinsey will continue to invest in cutting-edge research on women through the McKinsey Global Institute, including a ground-breaking effort in 2015 to analyze the global gender gap, frame the case for change, identify the 80/20 approach to tackling the highest impact issues for women globally, and develop targeted solutions to close the gender gap. The firm will launch important investments to refine and build its work with clients on gender diversity topics, scaling innovative client-facing coaching programs such as Centered Leadership and Remarkable Women, and seeking to collaborate with clients to apply and develop new tools to advance gender diversity. To accelerate change, McKinsey will report on best practices in global publications.

1. North American offices include; in Canada: Calgary, Montreal, Toronto; in Mexico: Mexico City, Monterrey; in the United States: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Boston, New York, Stamford, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Southern California.