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يوم المساواة في الأجر

April 10, 2018 – Today on Equal Pay Day, we spotlight four of our HeForShe IMPACT Champions working to make equal pay for equal work the natural position for every organization in every sector. They are creating the new normal: a world where fairness is the central principle of everyone’s rewards.

Consistently ranked at the top of the Global Gender Gap Index, Iceland is well on the road to achieving gender equality and their HeForShe commitment is to close the gender pay gap by 2022. To address this, a groundbreaking Icelandic Equal Pay Standard has been developed and through a rigorous independent audit method, 11 companies to date have received the Equal Pay Award. The standard is now ready for nationwide implementation.

In Sweden, earlier this year, a new National Agency for Gender Equality was established acting as a central hub that closely supports other government agencies and municipalities to effectively implement the Swedish gender equality policy. In addition, Sweden has rolled out a programme to strengthen awareness around gender equality in over 60 public authorities and actively support municipalities and regions in their efforts to further consider and integrate gender into their public services.

In a group like AccorHotels, where about 50% of their 240,000 employees are women, diversity at every level in the company is critical. Since 2015 the percentage of female General Managers, where the glass ceiling exists, has grown from 27% to 29%. When including franchises, this figure jumps to 34%. This is a strong signal that AccorHotels is on the right path!

In July 2015 Schneider Electric launched a dedicated solution group to address salary equity: the Schneider Electric Gender Salary Equity task force. This global salary equity task force was launched across 15 countries in 2015. The journey successfully continued through 2016, expanding to an additional 19 countries. More importantly, the company is now implementing actions for addressing pay equity gaps demonstrating that equal pay for equal value is one of the basic components of their gender equality strategy.

Join us on September 20th, 2018 at the HeForShe IMPACT Summit to hear more about the HeForShe Champions’ journey.  

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