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We assume we know what good husbands are made of...

But it’s time to shift our thinking.

Because our job isn’t to be that “bold and fearless protector”.

Or that “chiseled hero”.

And our job doesn’t start at 9 or end at 5.

No, it’s much more than that.

It’s to care for, support and respect all of the women in our lives.

To open our minds, our hearts, and quite frankly—our ears.

Ignited by our desire to listen. To encourage. To share.

To not just be the breadwinner,

but the one helping cut, toast and butter it for others, too.

The one taking things on, instead of just taking the load off.

The one who strives to be better.

Since we were young, we've been told to support those around us. 

And today—right now—that's more important than ever. 

So, no more waiting around.

It's time to come together as men. 

To step up.

To show the world what it truly means to be #HusbandMaterial

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