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UN Women Sweden takes a stand for Gender Equality in Sports

UN Women Sweden

"We are very happy and proud to see GAIS continuing to stand for HeForShe. It is incredibly important that more sports organizations take a proactive approach to gender equality issues. We hope and believe that our collective efforts to change attitudes, behaviors, and norms will contribute to a more equal society, free from violence and discrimination." - Louise Waller, UN Women Sweden 

In 2022, UN Women Sweden and Swedish soccer club, GAIS, embarked on a collaborative journey to champion gender equality through the HeForShe initiative. Their efforts were so impactful that in 2023, they decided to extend and deepen this partnership, underlining their unwavering commitment to promoting equality, dismantling discrimination, and reshaping societal norms. 

This collaboration is an embodiment of GAIS's ongoing commitment to values-based work, where equality and justice are central themes. GAIS academy coaches have had the opportunity to engage in HeForShe lectures dedicated to eradicating gender discrimination, inspiring both men and women to champion equality, leading by example, and actively confronting discrimination when witnessed. 

UN Women Sweden

In addition to their collaborative efforts, UN Women Sweden and GAIS have also launched an ongoing fundraiser aimed at supporting their essential work in promoting gender equality and combatting violence against women. This fundraiser offers an opportunity for anyone who is passionate about these causes to contribute and make a meaningful impact.  

You can support their mission by visiting the fundraiser page: 

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