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HeForShe Wrapped 2023

HeForShe Wrapped 2023

2023 has been a pivotal year for HeForShe, marking significant strides in the global movement for gender equality. In the face of pushback against women’s rights and intersecting challenges from climate change to anti-gender movements, HeForShe has continued to build a solidarity movement of men and boys who stand alongside women and girls in all their diversity in the pursuit of a better, gender equal world for everyone. As we embark on a new year with renewed commitment, let's reflect on the milestones achieved by HeForShe throughout 2023. 

Kicking off the year, HeForShe took center stage at Davos, the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. As part of the Generation Equality initiative, HeForShe facilitated solutions-focused conversations with leaders from governments, businesses, and civil society organizations. With the support of HeForShe Alliance members HCL and DP World, we urged corporations worldwide to join the global efforts for gender equality by making new commitments or expanding existing ones. 

Watch all the Davos highlights here: UN Women At Davos 

In preparation of International Women’s Day, the TEAM LEWIS Foundation released its third annual report in Support of HeForShe, delving into the experiences of women in the workforce, STEM, and online spaces. The research not only assessed how women are treated but also explored how men can actively respond in their daily actions to become better allies in advancing equality. 

March highlighted the urgent need for digital inclusion, with HeForShe emphasizing the impact of women's exclusion from the digital world on the global economy. The International Women’s Day theme, “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality,” was translated into promoting male allyship in online spaces. 

To conclude Women's History Month, Howard University's Centre for Women, Gender and Global Leadership hosted the second annual #HeForShe Town Hall, fostering meaningful conversations about the role of men in promoting gender equality on campus. 

The HeForShe Lab sessions are a core component of the HeForShe Alliance where we convene senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Sustainability leaders from across the Alliance group. On May 24th and 25th, HeForShe Alliance Champions convened at the HCL Tech office in NYC to action objectives for the year.  The sessions in May focused on implementing key priorities and action points categorized into short, mid, and long-term objectives. 

UN Women Germany officially launched HeForShe Germany, with a collection of resources and events to propel the movement forward in the country. The launch included catalysts supporting the cause through articles, podcasts, events, and a resource page, offering ways to expand knowledge and engage in self-reflection. 

On September 21st, alongside the United Nations General Assembly, global leaders, activists, and advocates united at the HeForShe Summit. Hosted by UN Women, the Summit brought together diverse voices from around the world, all committed to breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes. Their collective mission: to reaffirm commitments, exchange groundbreaking solutions, and enhance cross-sector collaboration in the pursuit of gender equality. 

Also in September, HeForShe released our 2023 Alliance Report illustrating the positive impact generated for women and girls by the HeForShe Champions through the commitments they have made to advance gender equality. HeForShe Alliance corporate Champions have collectively increased women's participation on Executive Boards to at least 40%, while also boosting overall female hiring. The report highlights the need for men to actively commit to change in the institutions they lead and the positive impact they have when they do so. 

HeForShe Alliance partners gathered in Paris for the second 2023 HeForShe Lab Session, marking a pivotal moment for strategizing and propelling HeForShe’s mission. The session focused on four key objectives to drive progress within organizations forming the HeForShe Alliance. 

In November, HeForShe actively participated in the #16Days of Activism, emphasizing the need to be "respectfully disruptive" in the fight against gender-based violence. Advocating for a #RespectfullyDisruptive approach, HeForShe challenged stereotypes, disrupted harmful behaviors, and fostered respectful dialogue. 

In a bold move toward championing gender equality in climate action, HeForShe made waves at COP28, advocating for inclusive and gender-responsive approaches. Additionally, on December 1st, the latest HeForShe UK Policing report highlighted the progress of all UK police forces towards gender equality, focusing on the theme of being ‘respectfully disruptive.’ 

As HeForShe looks back on the achievements of 2023, we remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a world where men and boys actively contribute to dismantling gender inequalities. The year has been marked by impactful initiatives, strategic collaborations, and a collective call to action, setting the stage for a future where gender equality is not just a goal but a lived reality for all. 

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