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HeForShe Launches the #ChangeThePunchline Campaign to Challenge Sexist Humor

change the punchline

In a world where misogynistic language continues to persist, HeForShe is taking bold steps to empower men and boys to speak up against sexism. Last year, HeForShe introduced "Just Say Bro," a platform designed to encourage men to address misogynistic language in their social circles. Building on this success, HeForShe is now venturing into the realm of comedy with the launch of #ChangeThePunchline, a global campaign aimed at dismantling the tolerance for sexist humor. 

Humor has always been a powerful tool for speaking the truth and shedding light on challenging subjects. When it comes to addressing issues of sexism among young men, humor can serve as a compelling catalyst for change. Recognizing this, HeForShe is leveraging the potency of comedy to break through societal barriers and encourage young men to confront sexism within their friendships. 

#ChangeThePunchline seeks to revolutionize the way we view and respond to sexist humor. The campaign is a call to action for funny people worldwide to create comedy that not only entertains but also challenges and changes perceptions. By making sexism the butt of the joke, the campaign aims to normalize conversations about harmful comments and encourage young men to stand up against them. 

The ultimate goal of #ChangeThePunchline is to empower young men to speak up when their friends make comments that perpetuate harmful stereotypes and sexism. By using humor as a medium, HeForShe aims to normalize the process of addressing these issues within friendships, ultimately creating a cultural shift where sexism is no longer tolerated. 

HeForShe's approach is coined as "Respectfully Disruptive," recognizing the need for a nuanced and considerate strategy to address deeply ingrained societal norms. Instead of condemning individuals, the campaign encourages a respectful disruption of the status quo. Through humor, it aims to foster a positive dialogue that empowers young men to play an active role in putting sexism in its place. 

In recognizing the potential of comedic talent as a force for social activism, the campaign encourages comedians, content creators, and humor enthusiasts to use their skills to challenge the norms, disrupt harmful narratives, and pave the way for a more inclusive and respectful society. Together, we will be able to break the silence, change the punchline, and create a world where respect and equality prevail. 

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