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Action Kits

Taking action in your community is simple.
Download your HeForShe Action Kit to get started.

For Individuals


Start organizing HeForShe events to spread the word about the movement, and be able to create a network of HeForShe Equalizers in your community.



Help organize HeForShe events to raise awareness of gender equality among students, faculty members, and the university administration.


For Organizations


As leaders in your workplace you can support the movement by encouraging your colleagues to make the HeForShe commitment and take action - we look forward to changing the world with you.


Civil Societies

Due consideration should be taken on the views around men, masculinities and their gendered expressions, existing legal and policy frameworks around gender equality, and other relevant factors.


Tell Us What You Are Doing

How are you taking action for gender equality in your community, organizations, and beyond?
This could be an event in your school, organization or community. We would love to hear from you.

Global Hubs

Even though HeForShe is a global movement, we want you to be able to connect locally by joining other
HeForShe supporters in your country and participating in local events. HeForShe Hubs are expanding every day
and if there isn't one near you at the moment, we hope to bring one very soon so watch this space.


identity_logo animation_gif

The Symbol for Gender Equality

The HeForShe logo unites traditional icons of gender to create a new symbol for our shared humanity. Its dynamic shape and strong contrast remind us what’s possible when unique individuals stand together for the benefit of all.


HeForShe Magenta

The United Nations worked with the Pantone Color Institute to find a color that expresses the passion and excitement of HeForShe. Bright and bold, magenta is created by uniting both ends of the color spectrum, making it the ideal color to represent the solidarity movement for gender equality.