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HeForShe-ийн Хоёр жилийн ойд Дэлхий даяарх залуу идэвхтнүүд

New York, NY (September 20, 2016) – Five gender equality youth activists traveled to New York for the HeForShe second anniversary to share their personal stories about why they are committed to change and what they are doing to make it happen. Hailing from all over the world - Indonesia, Pakistan, Canada, USA and Cameroon - these young people inspired the MoMA audience with their commitment and passion. At times in the face of great obstacles, these five youth continue to spread the HeForShe message in their schools and communities.

HeForShe Equality Talk | Lupita Ardhyaningrum

Lupita and her co-worker started a HeForShe workplace initiative that is not only changing offices in her home country, Indonesia, but in her company’s global offices.

HeForShe Equality Talks | Lupita Ardhyaningrum

HeForShe Equality Talk | Urooj Ashraf Awan

Urooj fought against backlash from her university when officials advised her not to launch the first HeForShe initiative in Pakistan, and instead she moved the launch to a local youth hostel.

HeForShe Equality Talks | Urooj Ashraf Awan

HeForShe Equality Talk | Anya Forestell

Anya is on her way to becoming an astrophysicist or an astronaut with help from a HeForShe IMPACT scholarship at the University of Waterloo.

HeForShe Equality Talks | Anya Forestell

HeForShe Equality Talk | Frank Giovanni Heyward

Frank and his fraternity brothers are not only committed to ending sexual assault on campus, they also dedicated their annual fundraiser to HeForShe.

HeForShe Equality Talks | Frank Giovanni Heyward

HeForShe Equality Talk | Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

Joannes speaks to father and grandfathers in his home country about some of the injustices women and girls face, including child marriage, teen pregnancy and violence against women.

HeForShe Equality Talks | Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu

Photos from the event available at:

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