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UN Women Pakistan Highlights the Work of Dr. Quraish – A Pioneer and #HeForShe Advocate in the Field of Gender-Responsive Policing

HeForShe - UN Women Pakistan

Taking the HeForShe movement forward in Pakistan, UN Women Pakistan created a campaign highlighting male allies advocating for gender equality in their communities. One such ally is Dr. Quraish, Assistant Inspector General at KP Police in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. He is considered a pioneer and HeForShe advocate of gender-responsive policing in local communities. Through his dedication and commitment, he has taken effective steps to ensure that necessary action is taken to address the institutional and cultural impediments women face when accessing justice. Dr. Quraish advocates for gender equality and believes that no group should be treated differently when engaging or interacting with the police.

As a #HeForShe advocate, he supported the establishment of the first-ever Women Reporting Centre in local communities of Pakistan in 2020. The center was a revolutionary initiative considering the cultural sensitivity and challenges faced by women seeking information and accessing justice in the conservative and patriarchal context of the region. Dr. Quraish established 65 gender-responsive police stations in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

HeForShe Pakistan - Dr Quraish

Dr. Quraish works closely with UN Women Pakistan and has been instrumental in encouraging more women to enter the field of law enforcement. He has also designed a special coaching program for women police officers to enable them to pass the in-service promotion test. The initiative aims to encourage women police officers to participate in the in-service promotional exams and get representation in the senior ranks. Dr. Quraish’s efforts have resulted in an increased number of Pakistani women joining the ranks of police officers which will undoubtedly strengthen police comprehension of gender issues and improve the quality of service offered to the female Pakistani population.

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