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The Barbershop Toolbox

Mobilizing Men and Boys for Gender Equality

Gender inequality is one of the most significant human rights violations of today. To solve this global challenge, and to achieve full gender equality, it is of great importance that men and boys participate in the conversation and be part of the solution.

Barbershop events encourage men and boys to become actively engaged in promoting gender equality by better understanding how gender inequality limits the ability of individuals, businesses, and communities to reach their full human, economic and social potential. Barbershop events provide men with tools to address this inequality and become agents of change. Through their own behavior, men can work towards the positive transformation of social norms and take responsibility for their actions; they can also hold other men accountable, and encourage them to join in.

Explore the tools below to see how you can mobilize men and boys around you to work for gender equality!



Learn about the Barbershop concept, past Barbershop events and how you can use this toolbox to mobilize the men and boys around you.

Getting Started

Getting Started

First stop when organizing a Barbershop. This tool provides you with basic information and important guidelines when beginning to organize a Barbershop event.

Choose Your Tool

Choose Your Tool

Overview of all the tools in the toolbox, their objective and recommended audience.

Tool #1

Leadership Engagement on Gender Equality

Increase understanding of the gender equality discourse at the highest level to encourage leadership to adopt gender equal policies from the top down.

Tool #2

Learn From the Community: High Level Event

Motivate leadership, management or all staff by organizing an event with inspiring presentations and performances by prominent leaders on gender equality within your sector.


Workshop Guide

Overview of the following workshops and how they can help your audience deepen their understanding and explore their own ideas on gender equality.

Tool #3

What is Gender?

This workshop explores basic terminology when discussing gender equality and increases understanding of the ways gender stereotypes harm individuals and society.

Tool #4

Act Like A Man, Act Like A Woman

This workshop explores the ways gender norms impact everyday lives of men and women and invites the participants to explore their own ideas about men and women in this context.

Tool #5

What is Violence?

This workshop focuses on increasing understanding of gender-based violence and the ways it manifests itself in our societies.

Tool #6

Be The Change – Make a Pledge

Increase engagement with the subject by having key participants pledge concrete actions to achieve gender equality.

Tool #7


Increase engagement by providing participants with the opportunity to have their photo taken with gender equality slogans and signs.

Getting Started

All Resources

A list of all the recommended resources provided at the end of each tool, categorized by topic.

Logo Style Guide

Barbershop Logo Style Guide

Instructions on how to use the Barbershop logo and ideas on various ways it can be incorporated when organizing an event.

The Toolbox


Here you can view or download the full toolbox as one PDF