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HeForShe Alliance Impact Report 2022 Launch

HeForShe Alliance Report

17 Global leaders unveiled their progress against groundbreaking solutions for gender equality in the 2022 HeForShe Alliance Impact Report. UN Women reports that it will take nearly 300 years to achieve full gender equality. The HeForShe Alliance has a clear and resounding response to this – a redoubled commitment to male allyship and concerted, inclusive action to drive change. Through addressing organizational policy change, engaging men and boys for gender equality, and highlighting powerful & inspiring impact stories, this progress report has the potential to see gender equality achieved within our lifetime.

The launch of this year’s report marks the beginning of the HeForShe Alliance’s reporting period. In the report, Alliance members present transparent baseline figures on the representation of women staff against which future progress will be measured and published on an annual basis.

This year's report – the first Alliance one together – presents the change happening and the positive impact of supporting women and girls worldwide. The report not only recognizes the role of male allyship in catalyzing change but also the crucial role of the women working to effect change. The report highlights women beneficiaries and their invaluable and complex understanding of the psychological, emotional, and cultural reasons why their communities operate the way they do. Communities are more likely to accept information and advice from someone who understands them. Therefore, the women beneficiaries in this report are also Champions because they have the trust of their communities and act upon it.

The report highlights the need for men to actively commit to change in the institutions they lead and the positive impact they have when they do so.

“A key strength of the HeForShe Alliance is its role as a platform for recommitment to concerted action. Through HeForShe, men mobilize to tackle the obstacles that block the realization of women’s and girls’ full legal rights, exerting their agency and responsibilities in achieving gender equality and economic and political equality. Those efforts have a crucial role to play in driving change.” - Ms. Sima Sami Bahous, UN Women Executive Director.

The 17 Alliance members have committed to monitoring their progress on over 25 commitments. The commitments include increasing the representation of women in leadership within Alliance member organizations and increasing women's representation in technical roles, MBA programs, policing, and sporting roles.

“We call upon leaders across all sectors to join us to accelerate change. It is within our power to turn the dream of an equal future into reality.” - HeForShe Champions joint statement.

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