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HeForShe Journal

UN Women Germany offers all men the opportunity to become an Ally by participating in the "HeForShe Journal". The truth is an equal society must also be driven by men with proactive steps, otherwise this utopia will never come to pass. It's hard for anyone to challenge their own gender stereotypes, privilege and socialization on their own. So we thought: how does one start with himself?  Change is scary, but getting rid of your own constricting role models is a liberation in the long run.

What if everyone could be themselves instead of being forced into a rigid corset of gender-specific expectations? What does it do to a person to have expectations placed on them such as having to be the sole breadwinner or not being able to go on parental leave without prejudice? Having concerns about seeking mental health support or having to constantly suppress their range of emotions?  Challenging gender stereotypes benefits people of all genders.

For this purpose, we have developed the HeForShe Journal. It´s a journal to guide reflection on gender roles over the course of 4 weeks. It can be downloaded and filled out digitally. With the questions in the journal, we invite people to look into privileges, socialization, and stereotypes and the role they play in their lives.  It's a long journey and certainly not always convenient, but it's a start. While the journal is in German, grab a piece of paper or your computer anyway, type a question into a translator, and get started. The HeForShe Journal is also there for you to chat with your friends about answers given. Therefore, feel free to forward it to other men around you who might benefit from it. We also invite you to share your experiences and thoughts about it on social media with us and other Ally’s #HeForSheJournal: What questions in particular made you think? What did you learn about yourself? Did those around you notice a change? What question would you still find intriguing?  We welcome any male Allies to join in the conversation!  

For more information go to our Website: HeForShe Journal (

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