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HeForShe Vietnam’s Activation for Gender Equality

Richard Lui

In celebration of Vietnam’s Women's Day, UN Women Vietnam convened a thought-provoking and inspiring discussion, championing the cause of gender equality. The conversation was moderated by Journalist Richard Lui and featured several champions for gender equality.  

The event, titled "An Inspiring Intergenerational Conversation on the HeForShe Campaign" took place on the 18th of October, 2023. The core message was clear: equality begins with everyday actions, urging everyone to be an ally every day.

This event gathered 54 individuals, including diplomats and their spouses, and boasted notable attendees like the EU Ambassador to Vietnam, the UN Resident Coordinator, the Ambassador of Finland, and the Ambassador of Spain, among others.

HeForShe Vietnam

The occasion brought together diverse voices, all united by a shared commitment to achieving gender equality. The event underscored the importance of creating a society where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive. One of the central themes of the event was the idea that true gender equality begins with everyday actions. The call to action was clear: be an ally every day. This message resonated with the audience, emphasizing that small, consistent acts of support can collectively lead to a more equal and just society. 

The event served as a platform to rejuvenate the HeForShe initiative in Vietnam, reinforcing the commitment of stakeholders to gender equality. Gender equality is a universal issue, and this conversation reinforced that it's a global challenge that requires a local response.  

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