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Behind the Laughter: Meet the Comedians Leading HeForShe's #ChangeThePunchline Movement

change the punchline

Comedy has always held a mirror to society, reflecting its values, biases, and norms. However, what happens when that mirror reflects harmful gender stereotypes? Enter HeForShe's #ChangeThePunchline campaign, a groundbreaking movement launched in January 2024. This campaign isn't merely about eliciting laughs; it's about challenging entrenched biases and reshaping the comedy landscape for the better.

Leading this charge are seven male comedians who have embraced the mission of promoting inclusivity and respect through humor. From Clayton Farris's hilarious take on addressing sexism when amongst friends to Willie Macc’s take on “mansplaining”, these comedians are pioneering change through laughter.

Meet the Comedians

Clayton Farris:

“Sometimes it’s up to us to call out sexism and harmful stereotypes when we see them especially when it’s coming from someone we know.”

Ron Funches:

“Let’s band together and join the movement to end sexism. Together, we can make a difference!”


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Dan Donohue:

“Let’s confront misogyny and be part of the movement to reshape sexist narratives. Together, we can make a lasting impact.”


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Hunter Hill:

“Standing up for what’s right will fuel your day more than any pre-workout ever could.”

Willie Macc:

"Join the movement, break the stereotypes, and let’s rewrite the punchlines together.”

Luke Null:

“I wanna be very clear about what I’m for and against! Let’s change the punchline by calling out sexist comments with humor.”


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Ryan Belleville: 

In the face of the rise of the 'manosphere', HeForShe's #ChangeThePunchline campaign has struck a chord with audiences worldwide showing that positive masculinities are a trend. Its ability to mobilize young men voices and foster meaningful engagement underscores the appeal of gender equality transcending societal challenges. By leveraging comedy as a medium for addressing gender equality, the campaign exemplifies the transformative power of humor in effecting social change.

In a world where humor often weaponized to preserve the status quo of inequality, HeForShe's #ChangeThePunchline campaign serves offers the opportunity to reshape the narrative and use power of humor to call out inequality. It reminds us that comedy has the potential not only to entertain but also to educate and inspire change. So let us unite, rewrite the punchlines, and forge a future where humor knows no exclusion and welcomes everyone.


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