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I Do - A commitment to equality. A commitment to action

It’s no longer enough simply to say you care - you have to show it. That’s why we’re relaunching HeForShe with a new campaign, moving into an era of action. Just as many of us make a lifetime commitment to our partners, we also need to make a lifetime commitment to end gender inequality.


There is no gender equality without allyship across society. That’s why we’re encouraging all men to commit to simple actions that further the cause. Share what you do for gender equality with #IDo and #HeForShe.

Post your commitment, tell us what you pledge to do for gender equality, and upload it to Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Here’s how you can participate:



To participate in the “I Do” challenge on TikTok, first tell us your commitment, then reveal your 'I Do' in the most creative way possible. It could be written in the sand, uncovered by nature, or simply written on your hand. The bigger the reveal, the better.

Make sure you use the track tagged to the HeForShe social page and use the hashtags #IDo and #HeForShe.


I Do TikTok

Instagram and Facebook:

Post your commitment on Instagram or Facebook. Tell us what you pledge to do for gender equality by writing your commitment, taking a selfie, and then uploading it to your channel. Make sure you use the hashtags #IDo and #HeForShe in your caption.

I do





















For more ways to take action in your community, please visit our resource page.

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