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Tec de Monterrey University Renews Gender Equality Commitment with UN Women Mexico through HeForShe

Tec de Monterrey University

In 2019, Tec de Monterrey joined the HeForShe movement to support gender equality. This month, after five years, it renewed its commitments through a Collaboration Agreement with UN Women Mexico signed in March 2023. This agreement focuses on implementing the Safe Campus Programme Pilot for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence. The renewed commitments emphasize the importance of creating an inclusive university environment where everyone can fully exercise their rights. The Tec community, including students, faculty, and staff, is called upon to work together to achieve equality and eliminate gender-based violence.

Tec de Monterrey's new commitments to the HeForShe movement include eight specific goals:

  1. Increase women's participation in decision-making roles by at least 40% by 2030.
  2. Mainstream gender perspective into institutional norms, guidelines, and policies.
  3. Promote gender equality through teaching, learning, and research.
  4. Ensure a campus free from gender-based violence and discrimination.
  5. Encourage student involvement in promoting human dignity, gender equality, and preventing gender-based violence.
  6. Develop strategies within TecSalud and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences to promote gender equality and a violence-free environment.
  7. Strengthen initiatives at Tecmilenio to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence.
  8. Continuously advance the Equality Plan to integrate gender perspective into all aspects of university life.

One of the main goals of this initiative is to encourage the entire community to support these commitments. Each commitment has measurable indicators to track progress and identify effective strategies. Tec de Monterrey, as part of Generation Equality, believes in the transformative power of gender equality. By collaborating with UN Women in the Safe Campus Programme Pilot, Tec aims to create a more equitable world.

“We commend Tec for its dedication to these issues. Today is a day to acknowledge the institution's commitment since 2019. Men and women stand together in this movement, challenging norms and actively working for gender equality. Tec serves as a crucial ally, paving the way for similar initiatives in other universities. We urge you to become ambassadors for these eight commitments. Our world can only improve when it's equal.” - Lourdes Colinas, National Program Officer, UN Women Mexico

Read the original article on the UNO Mujeres Mexico website here

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