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UN Women Bolivia and Iguales Foundation Introduce the "Actions for Equality" Initiative

HeForShe Bolivia

In 2023, UN Women Bolivia, in collaboration with the Iguales Foundation, launched the inaugural "Actions for Equality" event. This annual occasion aims to identify and commend companies implementing initiatives to advance gender equality in Bolivia. The Recognition of Actions for Gender Equality event aims to highlight actions that are directly contributing to achieve a fairer business ecosystem for both women and men. These efforts are geared towards closing gender gaps that disproportionately impact women. Notably, these efforts align with the global HeForShe movement, underscoring the vital role of men in advancing gender equality.

The Iguales Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting gender equality in both companies and society, plays a central role in this initiative. By empowering women to enhance their workplace environments with their talents, the foundation strives to foster more productive and inclusive spaces.

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 5—focused on achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls—the Actions for Equality event sets out several key objectives:

  • Recognizing companies and institutions actively promoting gender equality in partnership with UN Women and the HeForShe campaign.
  • Acknowledging initiatives by local companies that participate in Iguales training programs, aiming to empower women.
  • Celebrating women's achievements in various sectors, particularly within the business and industrial fields.
  • Raising awareness among businesses about the importance of advancing gender equality.
  • The anticipated outcomes include increased awareness among the public and businesses regarding the significance of gender equality in both the business ecosystem and the national economy.

Highlighted in this year's event were two exemplary initiatives: BISA Seguros' "Incorporation of Women in Decision-Making Spaces" and Nuevatel's "Work for Spaces Free of Workplace Violence." These initiatives demonstrate a commitment to breaking down barriers and showcase the transformative power of collective action in driving meaningful change.

As we applaud these efforts, we are reminded of the ongoing journey toward a future where equality flourishes, and opportunities abound for all.

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